Saturday, 20 July 2013

‘When you are going to get married?” how to get rid with this question?

When you reach to a certain age ( age that commonly people get married, but you are not L) whenever you go, you will be hunted by a question such “ when you are going to get married?”.

Honestly, its bothering me sometimes, but you can't avoid from that question, unless you are married.

So how I escape from this question:

First option >

They (unknown people): when you will get married?
                        Me: I will get married soon…very soon…so soon
They: really! When?
Me: I don’t know…..:)  hehehe ( I’m so mean)

Second option>
Run away from the elders

I can guarantee that the question will pop out from them, confirmed.. xtipu..semestinya..

So what I waiting for….runnnnnn…

Third option >

This is the best part, because take them for granted hahhaah (mean laugh)

Makcik (The elders): When you will get married?
Me: I don’t have a good candidate now to make as a husband..could you find someone for me makcik?
I want someone that ‘ handsome and handsome and handsome’ that’s all makcik, only three not much. I’m a good girl, I didn’t ask so many things, only 3 conditions
Makcik goes : !@#%^^&*())&$$#@!

Fourth option>

Put your cute niece picture as your phone wallpaper

They ask: Itu anak awak ke?
Me: aah anak J

~~ There is a time, family gathering during my cousin’s wedding ceremony. Somebody came to me and asked

They: When you going to get married
Me   :  ‘just smiling’

And all of a sudden my sister came and interrupted the conversation

My sister: How come she will get married, she don’t even have a boyfriend

Errrkkkk….Deep in my heart says ‘I have a very nice sister’  but I still love her so much.

You still can get married even though you old :P

~~peace no war~~

p/s: sorry for bad english..hey at least its better for someone who got D in SPM.

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