Saturday, 20 July 2013

‘When you are going to get married?” how to get rid with this question?

When you reach to a certain age ( age that commonly people get married, but you are not L) whenever you go, you will be hunted by a question such “ when you are going to get married?”.

Honestly, its bothering me sometimes, but you can't avoid from that question, unless you are married.

So how I escape from this question:

First option >

They (unknown people): when you will get married?
                        Me: I will get married soon…very soon…so soon
They: really! When?
Me: I don’t know…..:)  hehehe ( I’m so mean)

Second option>
Run away from the elders

I can guarantee that the question will pop out from them, confirmed.. xtipu..semestinya..

So what I waiting for….runnnnnn…

Third option >

This is the best part, because take them for granted hahhaah (mean laugh)

Makcik (The elders): When you will get married?
Me: I don’t have a good candidate now to make as a husband..could you find someone for me makcik?
I want someone that ‘ handsome and handsome and handsome’ that’s all makcik, only three not much. I’m a good girl, I didn’t ask so many things, only 3 conditions
Makcik goes : !@#%^^&*())&$$#@!

Fourth option>

Put your cute niece picture as your phone wallpaper

They ask: Itu anak awak ke?
Me: aah anak J

~~ There is a time, family gathering during my cousin’s wedding ceremony. Somebody came to me and asked

They: When you going to get married
Me   :  ‘just smiling’

And all of a sudden my sister came and interrupted the conversation

My sister: How come she will get married, she don’t even have a boyfriend

Errrkkkk….Deep in my heart says ‘I have a very nice sister’  but I still love her so much.

You still can get married even though you old :P

~~peace no war~~

p/s: sorry for bad english..hey at least its better for someone who got D in SPM.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Mari belajar Loghat Kelate

Antara yang fofular... :D

senyap tipah - tak ada khabar berita
seh inguh - hembus hingus
 cth ayat: tubik belon doh tu kat hidung, seh hingus tuh
               ( keluar belon dah dekat hidung, hembus hingus tuh)

smeesek - terlalu mudah
supik - beg plastiksupik gelenyar /supik rhokrhak - beg plastik yang nipis

ttino garik - perempuan jalang 
wok lor - tolol
pitu gek - pintu pagar (gate..ala ala english gitu)
nyior koter - kelapa tua ..hok ni meme lawok
kekoh - gigit
blebe - berleter
buah topoh - buah epal (diambil dr perkataan arab "tuffah" = epal) wow org klantan boleh cakap arab haha

busuk kohong - terlalu busuk
ca - air yang bertakung di bawah atau tepi rumah
cah keting - bentes

gdebe - berani / samsing
gege - bising / riuh rendah biasanya ada bunyi ketawa (asal perkataan Inggeris - giggle) - contohnya: jange ggege gak! = don't giggle! Please
gelebek - biasanya terja

kota - cukai jalan atau insurans (contoh: kreta kawe tak dok kota )
butak - perut buncit

kuca hanya / kuca lana - berteraboran
kuda - sepak
kuk / kok - sekeh
kuning nnehe / llehe - terlalu kuning
kupik - kedekut
lamoke - nanti kan
lari kecik ppala-ppala - lari te
cok - cangkul
ccawat kote - bersedia
ccerok - perut berbunyi bila lapar
cceruk - potong rumput untuk haiwan
cebok - cedok (selalunya untuk cecair, mencedok)
cema clote / cpolok - terlalu kotor

orang kelantan juga sememangnya power bercakap english, tidak kira muda atau tua semua berkacap bahasa english. bak kata lain hari2 cakap english la...xcaya? baca ni

gohek - go ahead - maju ke depan / mara (pandu kenderaan)
broka - broker - orang tengah
pasengja - passenger - penumpang
jem - jam - kesesakan lalu-lintas
speka - speaker - pembesar suara
 karen - current - arus elektrik
goli / keypo - goolkeeper - penjaga gol
daba lain - double line - line berkembar
stetmi - statement - kenyataan / laporan
pok gad - guard - pengawal keselamatan
maik - mike- mikrofon
 karen - current - arus elektrik
epot - airport - lapangan terbang
guste - go as turn - pusing balik
erek - erect - tarik / perbuatan mendirikan dan membangunkan sesuatu
gohek - go ahead - maju ke depan / mara (pandu kenderaan)
broka - broker - orang tengah
pasengja - passenger - penumpang

kkelas orang klate..makan budu kuat ni, sbb tu hebat hahhaa...

aik tetiba plak ada red warriors bendera..maaf la tersalah upload pic...hahhaa 

The Egyptian army has given 48 hours to Morsi

On Sunday Millions Egyptians was gathered to protest and demand the resignation of Morsi, but Morsi also has the supporters that always there to give him full support. (Al Jazeera)

I’m not a reporter or a journalist or a political professor or an extremely knowledgeable person, but I do aware of what's happening around the world, well not 100%.

As I know ( correct me if I’m wrong), this protest started when President Morsi announced he will continued dictator leadership in Egypt which not fully agreed by the Egyptian. They want democratic country, not a dictatorship like Hosni Mubarak.

Well, what's wrong with Morsi leadership? As I know he is a good leader, religious and very strong man which never allowed him to be any country’s puppet as some of the leaders did. That's a good thing. Unfortunately he was given 48 hours from the Egyptian army to resolve the current political stalemate that became worse in Egypt.

I’m just hoping one thing, ‘do something before its getting worst.’ Egypt is a huge and rich country that the superpower countries is waiting to take it for granted. Stop the bad Arabs spring. We all know what's happening in Syria right now.

So, prevent is better than cure.

Let's pray for Egypt.


The story about my name

About my name,

There is a day I browse through a book that contains a beautiful and meaningful name according to Islam used by my mother to give to her children.

I search it from A to Z and  my sibling's name was in that book except me, I began to think 'am I adopted child?' . I asked for clarification from my mother ...

My mother said my name not appear in the book as the reason I was named after a doctor’s name, which is she is the one who assist my mother while she gave birth to me My mom told me that the doctor was very nice and good person that's why her name me after that doctor.

So, here I am… Nor Sanida, where I never  found anyone that have the same name as me.

Who is that doctor ? How nice she is until she melted my mother's heart? Honestly I want to meet her.

Until today I never knew the real meaning of my name,  I did ask one of my Ustaz (teacher) about that , he said "maybe the meaning was  in turkish" hmm....

However, obviously I know the reason why my mother gave that name to me , she want me to be like that doctor, nice and kind (hopefully, I will ha-ha..).

But it all has become memories .. My mother is no longer with us and I did get a chance to ask her forgiveness, who knows I did hurt her in certain ways .

To be honest life without a mother is a little bit empty ..