Monday, 1 July 2013

The story about my name

About my name,

There is a day I browse through a book that contains a beautiful and meaningful name according to Islam used by my mother to give to her children.

I search it from A to Z and  my sibling's name was in that book except me, I began to think 'am I adopted child?' . I asked for clarification from my mother ...

My mother said my name not appear in the book as the reason I was named after a doctor’s name, which is she is the one who assist my mother while she gave birth to me My mom told me that the doctor was very nice and good person that's why her name me after that doctor.

So, here I am… Nor Sanida, where I never  found anyone that have the same name as me.

Who is that doctor ? How nice she is until she melted my mother's heart? Honestly I want to meet her.

Until today I never knew the real meaning of my name,  I did ask one of my Ustaz (teacher) about that , he said "maybe the meaning was  in turkish" hmm....

However, obviously I know the reason why my mother gave that name to me , she want me to be like that doctor, nice and kind (hopefully, I will ha-ha..).

But it all has become memories .. My mother is no longer with us and I did get a chance to ask her forgiveness, who knows I did hurt her in certain ways .

To be honest life without a mother is a little bit empty ..

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