Monday, 1 July 2013

The Egyptian army has given 48 hours to Morsi

On Sunday Millions Egyptians was gathered to protest and demand the resignation of Morsi, but Morsi also has the supporters that always there to give him full support. (Al Jazeera)

I’m not a reporter or a journalist or a political professor or an extremely knowledgeable person, but I do aware of what's happening around the world, well not 100%.

As I know ( correct me if I’m wrong), this protest started when President Morsi announced he will continued dictator leadership in Egypt which not fully agreed by the Egyptian. They want democratic country, not a dictatorship like Hosni Mubarak.

Well, what's wrong with Morsi leadership? As I know he is a good leader, religious and very strong man which never allowed him to be any country’s puppet as some of the leaders did. That's a good thing. Unfortunately he was given 48 hours from the Egyptian army to resolve the current political stalemate that became worse in Egypt.

I’m just hoping one thing, ‘do something before its getting worst.’ Egypt is a huge and rich country that the superpower countries is waiting to take it for granted. Stop the bad Arabs spring. We all know what's happening in Syria right now.

So, prevent is better than cure.

Let's pray for Egypt.


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